Asif Farooq

exhibition 11-01-02


Born in September 1979, Miami Florida

Studied in the lower division at Gateway Baptist Elementary School. He formed most of his ideas about materials engineering while there and because of his father's profession.
He feels the art reflects the continuing hope of western culture in language. More specifally, this art is the expectation of modern language to write tradition.
Glasses are a personnal metaphor and history of his tradition as well.
He likes to work in modern materials using languages as a base and skeleton for his ideas.
He feels that the point of tradition is to feel confortable with progress (in the greater sense)


1992 : Glades Middle School. Presidential Academic Fitness Award

1995-1997 : Miami dade Comunity College. AA degree, English Major

1998: Florida International University: Political Sciences, Anthopology, Arts. Personal Attention

1999-2000: School of the Art Institute oof Chicago. Teaching job while still a student.


Glass, Metal, Plaster, Fiberglass, Plastics, Light (neons), Radio waves, Sounds, Optical mixing, X-Ray, Video, Films...