Enrico Bacci

Exhibition 04-12-08


Italian Painter

Enrico Bacci is a very accomplished Italian Artist who has had major shows of his work in all major Italian cities, and is collected widely by European collectors. In the past 5 years Enrico has begun to become known in the US, and Urbane Artistry is helping to make his unique and colorful work to become more prevalent with many important collectors and art organizations worldwide.

His style is very personal to him. He places a major emphasis on collage and the essence and feel of urban publicity advertisements. Yet, the number of his pictorial substances greatly exceeds the urban architectonic image, ripped from our collective inattention. Bacci frequently modifies his methodology and and has developed from landscapes to nudes, yet has always displayed a mastery at the recomposition of color with an endless series of possibilities.

Bacci is an artist which the Mediterranean atmosphere has inspired his bright colorful brush strokes and color choices. Currently, he has been exploring his artistic boundaries by experimenting more often with his passion for sculpture.

Bacci was born on February 17th, 1954 in Lauglia, Italy. Growing up he was always the artistic and creative member of all of his peers. Bacci’s art career really began though after an experience as Art Director for an exclusive Italian publicity agency when he was invited to the “Biennial of Young Artists” Art Fair whcih featured artists within the Mediterranean area. Bacci represented his home country, Italy. In 1988 he won the Silver Medal at the Mondadori Art Fair, within the prestigious was Emilio Tadini, Bruno Cassinarii, Alcide Paolini e Rossana Bossaglia.Within the same year Bacci received a certificate of Excellence for Competition Art in New York, NY amongst ten chosen artists around the world. Several of his paintings can be seen in the film "The good Life" by Paolo Virzì.


1986. Leghorne. One-man show "Interiordesign" Leghorne.Florence. Collective "Biennial of Young Productions of Mediterranean Area".
1988. New York, International Collective "Art Competition". "Certificate of Excellence" chosen from the ten major international artists who participated.Milan. Collective. "Award Mondadori Art". Silver Plate.Collective. "Finart". Milan and Rome.
1991. Rome. One-man show. "Lombardi Gallery" Venice. One-man show Paiting and Sculpure. "La Fenice Gallery". Competition for a monument for the new stadium "Nereo Rocco" - Trieste
1992 Pamplona (Spain) Biennial International of Taurine Sculpture.Pontedera (Pisa) Monnument "African Venus" of iron and copper. Symposium of Tuscan Sculpture od Cultures.
1993. Gela (Sicily) Project for a monument
1995. New York. "Art. '95" International Art Competition Rome. Fax Art. Expositions Palacer Leghorn. Coat of Arms for Pharmacy. Marble Sculpture, 1.20 mt. “Dei Mille Square”
1998. Leghorne. "African Venus". Sculpture in iron and copper, H. 4 mt. Parc of Private Villa.
1999. Leghorne. Sculpture in bronze, 2 mt. Europe Square
Vennturina (Leghorne) Painting and sculpture "Etrurian Art"
Leghorne. "Mairmaid with wings" White marble and copper sculpture, 2 mt.
2000. Venice. Biennial of Venice "City: Less Aesthetics , more Ethics", international competition of ideas "City: third Millennium" Forum on line.
2001. Vatican city. "Christ" bronze sculpture.
Leghorne, "25+8 craters" Visual and musical arts 1925/2000 Sculptures and paitings.
2003 Viareggio, Sculptures and paitings. Sea Boulevard . Lucca. "Party". Paintings. Luisa Villa.Leghorn. Shoow of Monteneroo paiting
2004 Pontedera (Pisa). Scultpure of chalk and paper, 3 mt. Cineplex Multisala.
2005. Florence. Paitings. Palace Gallery - Coveri Palace.