Elyane Biscayn

Miami resident, French National, contemporary artist, has been fascinated by the rythms of the leaves of Palm trees, which made her dream of foreign travel.
Now she has the opportunity to work with this local plant to create Contemporary Art from the tree that symbolizes the States of Florida.
She caals it Palm Art.

Biscayn, shapes carves and finishes the Palm leaves into majestic, gestural forms with symbolic names likes Ying/Yang, Flam, Thanksgiving,...
As a serie, theses pure, minimalist and modern objects, with a touch of ethnically, form a collection of undulating, soft twisted lines.
This come in contrast to their solid, geometric pedestals of marble and polished steel
The original pieces as well as the limited editions of bronze and resine castings are available.
They can be scaled to order from 1 to 40 feet.
They are as appropriate as object d'Art for the table top as for public monuments.

Born under the sun of southern France from an Italian mother and a father of spanish extraction, Elyane Biscayn is naturally sensitive to the imagery in the flora under mediteranean light
Of course, she studied Art: Fashion style and Scenic decoration, before meeting Pierre Cardin and Issey Miyake, with whom she worked for severals years as stylist for the 70's collections
Following encounters with Georges Vakevitch and Alexandre Trauner, she began a new career at the Paris Opera, National TVs, TF1 and feature films as stylist decorator and costume

Now, childhood memories, resurface finding a new expresion through the medium of the palm trees.

"I have always been fascinated by the caracter of the Palm trees wth witch i feel keenly a profound and reciprocal friendship. the Palm gives me energy and I offer it a tenderness. Actually, we collaborate often in harmony, sometimes in discord. I experience much emotion on touching, massing, modeling,caressing its texture wich enriches my vision and sensuality. Ilove his simplicity and complexiy, in short, his contrast. Exploring its quality inspires patience, serenity, vigor,...just beauty. I adore penetrating the confines of its private volumes, decoding and making it visible to many more eye.

I flow in the space between ralism and abstraction. I capture the Palm's elementary energy and its physical appearences to guide the spectator to the heart of its hidden powers and lead toward a visual dialogue.

I always attempt to balance the shapes, lines, colors, textures, rhythms,and by manipulating pigments and patinas. I seek again to bring about the viewer a wish of touch. Isn't Art the most beautiful in nature it self?........."

The result is sensuous for the eyes, intriguing to the spirit, pleasing to the touch.