Macuria Montolanez

opening 09-15-01
exhibition 09-15-01 exhibition 09-20-02


Born in Connecticut

In1953 she studied at the Dwight School in Englewood, NJ under Miss Rose Albera - graduate of the Stuttgart Academy. During the summers of 1953-1959 "Merc" continued her studies at Columbia University in New York. In 1959 she studied at Bryn Mawr College until moving to Philadelphia where she studied at the University of Pennsylvania and the Academy of Fine Arts under Puttman, Stumpfig and Kamaherra.

During the summer of 1970 through 1978, Merc traveled all of Europe where she eventually wound up apprenticing in the Grecian Islands. From 1978 until 1988 while living and working in Manhattan, Merc established herself as a resident artist of Soho. Currently Merc has studios in both Vermont and Costa Rica.

Currently Merc has studios in both Vermont and Miami.


Academy 0f the Fine Arts, Philadeiphia, PA

Qil Painting Exhibition, Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire

kamikaze New York, New York

Mudd Club New York, New York

East 0f Eden New York, New York

Deja vu Cafe Burlington, Vermont

The Lure New York, New York

Skot Foreman Fine Art, Ltd. Florida

Ekelctica Gallery Miami, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Florida

Icelandic Museum Reykjauik, lceland

Town & Country Palm Beach, Florida

Damien B. Contemporary Art Center Miami, Florida


Bard Toush Yale University Drama Dept. New Haven, Connecticut

Randy Quaid Los Angeles, CA

Jeanie Revson New York, NY

Michael Nader Los Angeles, CA

Anthony Evangelos Boston, MassAcademy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Mr. and Mrs. kligman Rye, NY