Claude Charlier

Exhibition 10-21-04


Claude Charlier is a photographer born in Nancy, France

He knew by the age of 12 that photography was going to be his chosen profession, though his studies remained on the classical arts, music and fine art in particular. After the usual first jobs, including working as a photographer for the French government, he was asked to come and work at Paris Match.

But apart from photography he had one other interest at the time.. it was Japan. He left Europe for Japan, and began a life that took him all over the world. Claude has lived and worked in Japan, Europe, and in the USA, where he currently resides. His work has appeared in many of the world's major publications, and his client list* includes an impressive list of the world's major corporations and publications.

He has won back to back awards for Best annual report over a six year period, received the Mercury award for his work for Ricoh Company, Best advertising campaign for NEC twice, Best magazine add for his Nikon camera campaign work.etc... Two of his shows have been sponsored by Pentax and Nikon, and Claude Charlier is listed in both the "Dictionnaire des Photographes" and in the "Encyclopedie de la Photographie". His work has also been purchased by several of France's museums for their collections.

Partial client list :

Alpine, American Express, Bridgestone, Coca-Cola, Epic
Sony, Fuji Film, JVC, Kenwood, Lehman Brothers, NEC,
New Balance, Nissan, Olympus, Pentax, Pioneer, RCA,
Ricoh, Sony Music, Toshiba, Nikon, Contrex, Sony Music....

Publication include:

Madame Figaro, Geo France, Geo Germany, National Geographic, Stern, Paris Match, Bunte, Elle, Parents, Le Spectacle du Monde, Manchete, Sciences & Avenir, Liberation, New Look, Marco Polo....