Phil Stein

Opening 01-09-08
Exhibition 01-09-08



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Originally established and continuing to work in Bethlehem PA, Phil Stein is a Photographer, although his work is more than just pure photography. Using printed copies of his own digital images he goes on to create compositions, combinations of the scene, mounted on rag board, wood and Plexiglas.

Each of Stein’s series takes an evolutionary step from its predecessor; for example, from "Moves", dynamic movements of children on a playground, developed "Rhythm", random associations of many small images that work well together layered into larger collages. Now in early 2008, Phil Stein presents his newest series, entitled ‘Streets’ at the Damien B. Contemporary Art Center.

"Streets" is comprises a collection of street scenes, subject matter that exemplifies well the direction in which his process is evolving. When asked what inspired him to produce these city images, he replied "As a kid I loved Cubism & Neo Plasticism, the work of artists such as Piet Mondrian. Urban landscapes possess a natural likeness to these movements"

Stein adopted his current approach to producing photographic works following a period of about two years spent researching New York City (particularly Chelsea), with the aim of developing a process that was different from any other going on at the time. In full knowledge of the fact that cities were his main source of inspiration, Phil Stein spent as much time here as possible, shooting numerous scenes.

Stein has also gone on to take pictures and create work from scenes in Philadelphia, PA and Berlin (Germany) among others.

As an artist who is continually looking for new inspiration, Phil Stein is already working on other series such as "Dubplay", layered images face-mounted to Plexiglas with organic subject matter.
-Nicholas Langston

 The foundation of the process is digital images mounted on combinations of 100% cotton rag board, wood and plexi in layers. While a variety of fine art papers are used all images are printed on an Epson 2200 using the 7-color UltraChrome archival inks. The prints are dry mounted with PH neutral industry standard roll laminates such as MACtak IP 5000 series or Seal Optimount. This allows a large collage of many layers to be extremely light, thin, acid free and durable. Occasionally the surface is reworked through combinations of standard acrylic materials.  With the exception of works on paper, the pieces of each series float or lay seamlessly against a wall with the mounting structure built into the back.

 A few themes in contemporary culture are the use of multiple imagery, visual and musical sampling, multitasking, constant interruption, and immediacy of change. This work is an interpretation of these common aspects of our experience.

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