Ruddy Candillon
presented by Moonstar

Exhibition 01-13-07
Portraits 02-10-07

Ruddy Candillon was born in 1973 in Paris. His self-taught fine art skills gain him entry to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris in 1995. He lives and works in Paris, and travels as often as possible.

 In his work, he is guided by direct experience. Street paintings, photographs, sound mixes, multi-projections for parties - his artwork is a relation between the world and the others, it is nourished by nomadic principles, urban circulations and autonomy.

 His photographs preserve the energy and the movement of spray painting; enlarged writing with gestures in relation to architecture, this time using light as an instrument, on film.

 Ruddy's luminous writing is an attempt to inscribe speed, and creates a fictive hyper development of the optic nerve, and a tactile sensibility, dermic to the light. Its trajectories escape from the traceability of the contemporary world, transparent, schizophrenic and self-monitored.

Also, several worlds cohabit in these heavy and dreamlike images, which retrace the voyage achieved during the focus: a lapse of time, which unfolds. Focusing during which time several relative speeds are registered, make fission, delay or superimpose themselves, bringing the images to distort, condensate, precipitate or stretch.

Telescoped phenomenon's, certain strangeness, have become readable in these images, the materiality of the things and beings have been moved, and as they approach something disturbs us.

Also, his photographs enable us to temporarily follow him in his everyday life - trips, parties, friendships and obviously, music.

Ruddy Candillon has shown his photographs in many galleries in France, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates, he notably presented a series of Japanese portraits at the “Musée des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux”.

His works are present in many private collections all over the world.

Ruddy also wishes to lead his photographic work towards a renewal of innovative commissioned Portraits.

Ruddy Candillon is a complete artist that doesn't stand in one way.

Photographer, he appears also as an excellent DJ that charms our ears, his groove spread itself from Paris (for private and hype parties) toTokyo (Liquid Room, Ageha,…).
But, he brings more than the sound because he also drops his light as a VJ...

Partyspirit of bright colors and music now teach him a new way of moving the clubs through visual animations: already resident VJ for "freak'n'chic" (with Dan Ghenacia, Steve Bug, Alex Smoke) and "Another Night Parties" (with R.Villalobos, J. PacMan, ZIP, D. Lazarus).