Reeve Schumacher

Art Miami 2007
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 “Not many artists can whittle their path by combining a true sense of vision with a dexterously versatile hand. Reeve Schumacher's work is steadily evolving in this way, while remaining intuitively gut-felt, and, at times, comical and eye-openingly jarring. A B.F.A. graduate in sculptural ceramics from the University of Miami, Schumacher creates mind-tripping evocations of unrestrained subconscious, from molding quasi-grotesque and beautifully haunting clay masks to working with transferred drawings on acetate (transparency) of various figures on sundry Polaroid for backdrops; or arranging human face/butterfly wing vinyl on layered glass compositions. Skilled and young, Schumacher has just stepped into the local scene, showing at such Wynwood galleries as Objex Artspace and Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, in addition to select group shows. He's constantly revamping his work, keeping it alive, and seems poised to make an impact. Schumacher has the talent, but, more so, he displays a keen, personal vision. »
 -Omar Sommereyns 2005 

Art Miami 2006 Currents Section
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Birthed into a cold world on a colder morning in 1981 was an artist known to few as Snug the Joiner. Although his spirit better resembles a Puck the Miter, most have come to know him as Reeve the Schumacher.

Has he, on his right,
Five fingers that when draw take flight.
His sanctuary, the paper is, he leaded pencil: his exorcist.
No longer played with are mud and fire,
As a taste for the two-dimensional he did acquire. 

Art Miami 2006 Currents Section
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Drawing is certainly the foundation in my process of art making.  Dreams, metamorphosis and the duality of man are themes that the work frequently addresses, delving into the depths of the subconscious.  Independent elements are combined in layers, serving as a background or schema for the subject. Various patterned and printed paper, photographs and textile imply a context, situating the lines of drawing within.

2003 April: University of Miami: BFA exhibition
2004 June: Arte del Barrio group show @ Damien B Contemporary Art Center
2005 January: Art Miami, Damien B Contemporary Art Center
2005 April: Solo show, Damien B Contemporary Art Center
005 July : Galerie Heroik Corp Lyon ( France)
2006 January:  Art Miami, Damien B Contemporary Art Center
2006 January:  Arte del barrio, group show
2006 April: Solo show, Damien B Contemporary Art Center
2006 May: Galerie Paris Sud (France)

Art Miami 2006 Currents Section
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